We've been an Aeroquip Dealer since 1947!

Since our beginning as an Aeroquip Dealer in 1947, Hydraulic Supply Company has been dedicated to fulfilling customer needs. This dedication to service is what leads us to the wide range of customer services we now offer.

  • Multiple Locations for Local Service
  • Large Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Connector Inventory
  • Hose and Connector Service
  • Hose & Component Kits
  • Control Cable Fabrication
  • Production Tube Bending
  • Counter Service for Your Immediate Needs
  • Repair, Test and Machining Services
  • Power Unit and Systems Fabrication
  • Engineering and Technical Support

Hydraulic Supply Company combines the buying power and technical expertise of a large company with the flexibility and personal attention of a smaller local company. We’re ideally suited to meet all of your hydraulic, pneumatic and connector needs - that is our goal.

Aeroquip dealer hose & fittings
Hose & Fittings

Aeroquip dealer adapters

Aeroquip dealer quick disconnects
Quick Disconnects

Aeroquip dealer performance products
Performance Products

Aeroquip dealer swivel joints
Swivel Joints

Aeroquip dealer flexmaster

Our on-line Stock Products Catalog is loaded with Aeroquip Dealer products and has over 1200 pages of hydraulic, pneumatic and fluid conveying products to choose from - and every one of them is in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Our on-line Stock Performance Products Catalog is loaded with your favorite Performance Products, all in stock and ready to go racing.

Click on “Order On-line” for browsing product categories, checking price and quantity on hand, order entry and much more.

Aeroquip dealer

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