barnes pumps from Haldex Barnes

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GC Series barnes pumps
barnes pumps  - GC Series
High-efficiency cast iron gear pumps designed for reliability and long life. The range of standard options allows the specifier to custom design a complete system and reduce component cost and assembly time. Standard options include three basic mounting flanges; five shaft designs; eight relief, check and solenoid valve combinations; five port location options; and five seal and bearing options. Available in single and multiple configurations.
Displacements:  0.065 to 0.711 cu. in.
Maximum Pressure:  4,000 psi
Maximum Speed:  4,000 rpm


2-Stage High Low barnes pumps
barnes pumps  - High Low
External gear pumps designed for high-speed positioning and maximum working pressure. Heavy-duty construction, integral adjustable unloading valve, single or multiple configurations.
High-Pressure Displacements:  0.065 to 0.465 cu. in.
Low-Pressure Displacements:  0.258 to 1.395 cu. in.
Maximum Pressure:  3,000 psi
Maximum Speed:  4,000 rpm


G20-LS & G30-LS barnes pumps
barnes pumps  - G20 LS
Load sense, variable discharge gear pumps incorporate a patented load sensing control. This load sensing feature allows the pump to operate on a pressure signal based on the load requirements of the system, automatically altering the output and pressure flow at the pump. In addition, the pump senses a low pressure (unloaded) condition within the hydraulic circuit thus reducing horsepower consumption by up to 90% during standby periods.
G20 LS- Patent #5,244,358 and 5,368,061
Displacements:  1.41 to 9.82 cu. in.
Maximum Pressure:  4,000 psi
Maximum Speed:  3,600 rpm


Multiple Configuration barnes pumps
barnes pumps  - Multiple Configuration
To meet specific customer needs, Haldex Hydraulics can design multiple section pump configurations within any of the pump families. These pumps are ideally suited for providing power to multiple hydraulic functions from one power source. This allows for significantly lower hydraulic system costs when compared to the use of separate pumps and associated fittings and hoses.
Multiple pump configurations from separate pump families such as the combination of the G20 Series with a W-Series to form a G2009 can be designed to meet unique applications.
Multiple pump configurations are available with up to four sections with a wide variety of valving, shaft, port and mounting flange options.
Displacements:  0.065 to 9.82 cu. in.per section
Maximum Pressure:  4,000 psi
Maximum Speed:  4,000 rpm


W Series barnes pumps
barnes pumps  - W Series
The new generation of high efficiency gear pumps are manufactured to and demanding tolerances. W-Series pumps performance standards include 4,000 psi continuous operation, 500-4,000 rpm at 4,000 psi continuous, low noise across the pressure and speed range, plus a 90 percent overall efficiency.
A wide range of displacements, SAE, ISO & DIN shafts, flanges, and SAE or European ports; integrated valves, duplex or triplex pump capabilities are also features of the W-Series pump.
Displacements:  .031 to 3.05 cu. in.
Maximum Pressure:  4,000 psi
Maximum Speed:  500 to 4,000 rpm


Gerotor Style barnes pumps
barnes pumps  - Gerotor Style
Industrial Gerotor Pumps-Ideal for lubrication, cooling and power unit applications. High-efficiency, low maintenance design with quiet operation and uniform flow; extremely tolerant of contamination.
Mobile Gerotor Pumps-Designed for severe-duty mobile applications where long life and consistent performance are required despite broad fluctuations in temperature, viscosity and speed.
Displacements:  0.054 to 8.29 cu. in
Maximum Pressure:  2,000 psi
Maximum Speed:  3,600 rpm


G25 Series 20 barnes pumps
barnes pumps  - G25 Series
Highly efficient birotational gear pumps with 14-tooth gear provides lower pressure ripple which results in lower noise amplitude and low noise operation. Gear sides and shaft journals are ground to a fine finish to further reduce noise. The cast iron construction also contributes to noise reduction.
Displacements:  1.4 to 5.3 in.
Maximum Pressure:  3045 psi
Maximum Speed:  3,600 rpm


GPA Series barnes pumps
barnes pumps  - GPA Series
Ideal for industrial applications, these low-noise internal gear pumps are for use with fixed-or variable-speed prime movers. Integral relief valve option; choice of shafts, rotations, ports and mounting flanges. Optional heavy-duty bearing for indirect drives.
Displacements:  0.107 to 3.88 cu. in.
Maximum Pressure:  1,450 psi
Maximum Speed:  4,000 rpm


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barnes pumps  from Haldex Barnes

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