Eaton, Eaton Charlynn® and Eaton Vickers® hydraulic motors

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Eaton Charlynn® Disc Valve Motors

Disc Valve Geroler® hydraulic motors
Disc valve hydraulic motors operate similarly to spool valve hydraulic motors but use Gerolers® exclusively. They are designed with a flat, disc-shaped valving system and are reversible. These products are effective at very low speeds.
Applications: Conveyors, augers, screws, spreaders, mixers, grinders, winches, reel drives, sweepers and various propel applications. Specifications: Speed Range: Up to 900 RPM. Torque Range: Up to 3390 Nm (30,000 lb-in). Options: Wide variety of optional shafts, mountings, ports, displacements, speed sensors- and bolt-on valves. 2-Speed Models: Available in Series 2000 and 10000.

Vane Hydraulic Motors

Eaton Vickers® 25M - 50M Series


Piston Hydraulic Motors

Eaton ME Series, Eaton Medium Duty Axial Piston


Hydraulic Motor Repair

Repair and Service Centers


Eaton Hydraulic Motors

Eaton ME Series, Eaton Medium Duty Axial Piston


Eaton Char-Lynn Hydraulic Motors

Char-Lynn J Series, Char-Lynn H Series, Char-Lynn S Series
Char-Lynn 2000 Series, Char-Lynn 4000 Series, Char-Lynn 6000 Series
Char-Lynn 10,000 Series

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