Eaton and Eaton Vickers® hydraulic pumps

A broad range of hydraulic pumps is available for industrial and mobile markets, with standard and custom design and manufacturing capability to meet every need.

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Hydraulic Vane Pumps

Eaton Vickers®
V10 & V20 Series

V10 & V20 Series Vane hydraulic pumps
Time proven dependable, durable, quiet and most economical vane hydraulic pumps. They are the premium fixed pump choice as the main system hydraulic pumps for small industrial and mobile equipment or as pilot and auxiliary hydraulic pumps for complex systems. They are also the standard steering hydraulic pump technology for heavy-duty trucks and interstate buses. Optional integrated flow control valves simplify system design and installation.
Specifications: Max. continuous pressure up to 2500psi. Displacement: Up to 2.59 in3/ rev.  Speed Range: Up to 4800rpm.

Eaton Vickers®
V & VQ Series

V & VQ Series Vane hydraulic pumps
The V/VQ series vane hydraulic pumps are the pioneers of cartridge-design vane pumps. They are well known for long operating life, outstanding efficiency, flexible configuration and easy serviceability. The quiet 12-vane V series hydraulic pumps are the most popular medium pressure industrial fixed hydraulic pumps in the world. For mobile equipment, the unique flex plate in the VQ hydraulic pumps adds superior start-up capability in cold and harsh outdoor work environment. That’s why the VQ series hydraulic pumps are widely adopted by world’s leading mobile OEMs. Specifications: Max. continuous pressure up to 3000psi. Displacement up to 11.8in3/ rev.  Speed up to 2700rpm. Available in single, double, triple and thru-drive pump frames.

Eaton Vickers®
VMQ Series

VMQ Series Vane hydraulic pumps
Vickers VMQ hydraulic pumps are the world leader in pressure capacity and noise levels and are available in a complete range of singles, doubles, triples and thru-drives. The unique wafer plate design of the VMQ hydraulic pumps allows for the increase in viscosity and pressure rise during cold start-up — something that competitors do not have. The Vickers VMQ 32nd design is the highest pressure, lowest noise fixed vane hydraulic pump available. Applications: Marine and railway winches, oil field and drilling equipment, earthmoving and construction equipment, high pressure plastic injection molding machines, large press machines, trash compactors and large balers. Specifications: Displacements: From .60 in3/r to 28.2 in3/rev using triple pump combined flow. Pressure Range: Up to 4250 psi.  Speed Range: Up to 3000 r/min.


Hydraulic Piston Pumps

Eaton 420 Series

420 Series Piston hydraulic pumps
Eaton's new mobile equipment piston hydraulic pump design sets the standard for high power in a compact envelope. This cradle swashplate style hydraulic pump provides key performance enhancements over older designed hydraulic pumps. The mounting, porting and thru-drive options allow extended flexibility for modern mobile equipment applications. Applications: Refuse Trucks, Utility Boom Trucks, Ag. Tractors, Skid Steer Loaders, Rough Terrain Fork Lifts, Wheel Loaders, Backhoe Loaders, Construction Equipment, Earth Moving Equipment, Hydraulic Generator Drives, Hydraulic Fan Drive Systems.
Specifications: Displacements: 41cc, 49cc, 62cc & 80cc. Speed Range: Up to 2650 rpm. Pressure rating 280 bar continuous, 320 bar intermittent.

Eaton Vickers®
PVB Series

PVB Series Piston hydraulic pumps
One of the most widely known industrial open circuit piston hydraulic pumps on the market. The large number of control options provides for extreme flexibility in applications.
Applications: Factory automation, hydraulic power supplies, and small mobile equipment auxiliary circuits.
Specifications: Displacements: From 10cc to 94cc, 1800 RPM maximum and up to 210 bar.

Eaton Vickers®
PVQ Series

PVQ Series Piston hydraulic pumps
Based on the industrial versions of PVB and PVE Open Circuit Piston Hydraulic Pumps, the Q Series greatly improves operating noise levels. The design of the PVQ reduces sound levels by 4 dBA. The large number of control options provides for extreme flexibility in applications.
Applications: Factory automation, hydraulic power supplies, food processing machines, and machine tools.
Specifications: Displacements range from 10cc to 45cc, 1800 RPM maximum and up to 210 bar (3000 psi).

Eaton Vickers®
PVM Series

PVM Series Piston hydraulic pumps
The M Series Piston hydraulic pump family was designed as a quiet, medium pressure pump for industrial applications. The cradle swashplate design hydraulic pumps were created with low noise in mind. Design features reduce both the structure-borne and fluid-borne noise levels to market leading levels. Applications: Metal forming, tube bending, machine tools, precision sawing, factory automation, press, and hydraulic power supplies.
Specifications: Full 4000 psi continuous, 4600 psi intermittent pressure. Electric motor speeds. Mineral oil- based and fire-resistant fluid compatibility. Displacements from 18cc to 141cc. Pressure compensation and pressure/flow compensation controls.

Eaton Vickers®
PVH Series

PVH Series Piston hydraulic pumps
The H Series Open Circuit Axial Piston hydraulic pumps provide power for a wide range of mobile and industrial applications meeting customer requirements for performance. These cradle type swashplate hydraulic pumps have rapid response to hydraulic circuit dynamics. Applications: Mobile: wheel loaders, graders, scrapers, utility vehicles, dozers, forestry harvesting machines, and rock drills. Industrial: metal-forming equipment, hydraulic power supplies, press, factory automation, and machine tools.
Specifications: Displacements from 57cc to 141cc, speeds up to 2600 RPM and pressures up to 250 bar (3600 psi) continuous.


Gear Pumps

Eaton Gear pumps

Gear hydraulic pumps
SAE AA, A, and B mount aluminum hydraulic pumps in displacements ranging from .2cid to 3.4cid. A wide range of mount, shaft, and porting options meeting SAE, Metric, and NPTF standards are available.
Applications: Garden and utility tractors, backhoes, combines, road graders, hay swathers and industrial power units. Specifications: Speed Range (Max.): 2250 to 4000 RPM. Rated Pressures: 3000 to 3500 psi.

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