Stauff pipe clamps

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Standard Series Stauff clamps

Features: For outside diameters from 1/4" to 4". Weld plate style available for single clamps. Rail mounting style available for all sizes. Clamp material available in polypropylene, polyamide and aluminum.
Recommended Spacing for Pipe: 1/4in=3FT, 3/8in=4FT, 1/2in=4FT, 3/4in=5FT, 1in=7FT, 1-1/4in=8FT, 1-1/2in=9FT, 2in=10FT, 2-1/2in=11FT, 3in=12FT.
Recommended Spacing for Tubing: 1/4in-1/2in = 3FT, 5/8in-7/8in=4FT, 1in=5FT, 1-1/4in-1-1/2in=7FT.
Temperature Ratings: Polypropylene -22°F to 194°F. Polyamide -40°F to 284°F. Aluminum -40°F to 500°F.


Stauff Heavy Series Pipe Clamps

Heavy Series


Stauff Pipe Clamps

Standard Series, Heavy Series, Twin Series

Hydraulic Supply Co. is located in Florida and Georgia, and is a distributor for Stauff and Hydrazorb, leading manufacturers of pipe clamps
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