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Eaton Vickers® DG4V-3S & DG4V-3

NFPA Size D03 solenoid valves
DG4V-3S Std Performance • Flows to 10.5 GPM
DG4V-3 High Performance • Flows to 21 GPM
Features: High reliability. High pressure & flow capability. Low pressure drops. Viton® seals. Scratch-proof manual override. Coil change with valve in place. ISO 4401 Size 03, NFPA D03 port interface.

Eaton Vickers® screw-in cartridge

Screw-In Cartridge solenoid valves
Poppet and spool type solenoid valves for applications up to 5000 psi and 60 USgpm
Screw-in cartridge solenoid valves provide many advantages over traditional hydraulic solenoid valves. While offering the same control functions as traditional hydraulic solenoid valves, screw-in cartridge valves are compact, reliable, and economical. Combining multiple valves in a common manifold offers the user substantial cost-saving advantages that cannot be achieved with traditional valving. Vickers ToughCoil™ has been designed to provide industry leading enviromental protection and solenoid performance in a compact package. The best in class, one piece, shell encapsulated, design meets the most stringent environmental requirements for mobile and industrial applications.

2 Way Solenoid Valves

2-way 2-position normally closed models in stock:
SV4-10-C, SV5-8-C, SV3-10-C, SV1-10-C, SBV11-10-C, SV3-12-C
SV1-16-C, SV2-20-C
2-way 2-position normally open models in stock:
SV4-10-O, SV5-8-O, SV3-10-O, SBV11-10-O, SV3-12-O, SV3-16-OSV3-20-O


High Pressure Solenoid Valves



3 Way Solenoid Valves

3-way models in stock:
SV1-8-3 Series, 3-way 2-position,     SV4-8-3 Series, 3-way 2-position
SV4-10-3 Series, 3-way 2-position,   SV1-10-3 Series, 3-way 2-position


Hydraulic Solenoid Valves


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