Hydraulic Repair Technician - Pompano, FL

Position Summary: Support and enable the work group by providing services to recondition hydraulic components to factory specification for internal and external customers.  Provide technical product fluid power knowledge.


Reports to: Repair Manager


Primary Responsibilities:


  • Disassemble, clean, and inspect components for repair. 
  • Determine necessary replacement parts and reconditioning procedures. 
  • Complete reconditioning installing new parts, reassemble, test, paint, stamp, and sticker. 
  • Retest completed assembly. 
  • Prepare job form listing parts and work necessary. 
  • Assist with field service work.
  • Use a variety of hand tools (wrench, hammer, handsaw, pneumatic wrench, hand grinder, power drill, and calipers) and shop equipment (lathe, grinder, forklift, hydraulic shop press, welder, acetylene torch, pressure washer, drill press, band saw, parts cleaner). 
  • Design, fabricate, machine, and weld parts and components. 
  • Diagnose customer repair needs. 
  • Construct or manufacture replacement items to complete repairs.
  • Applicant should be able to machine, assemble and or duplicate mechanical assemblies such as cylinder head glands and/or hydraulic cylinder’s pistons in steel, aluminum and brass.
  • Greet, assist, work with, and enable industrial customers in the servicing of hydraulic parts or components through familiarity and knowledge of hydraulic component repair.
  • Diagnose, repair, and assemble system components and recommend solutions to the customer.
  • Perform general shop facility maintenance. 
  • Occasional use of HSC computer system to identify parts needed for repair.



Position Requirements:      



  • High School/GED required.
  • Technical or vocational training preferred.


Minimum Work Experience:

  • 1-3 years’ experience in industrial fluid power repair. 


Specific Skills and Training:

  • Using a variety of hand tools and shop equipment/mechanical aptitude 
  • Attention to detail
  • Problem Solving
  • Organizing assignments on a daily and weekly basis
  • Making sound decisions using independent judgment


Work Environment:


  • Industrial shop setting, air-conditioned. 
  • Long periods of standing, walking, bending, and lifting objects (50lbs.) to eye level.
  • Use of hand tools and shop equipment such as wrenches, hammers, lathes, grinders, forklifts, drill presses, etc. 
  • Some exposure to hazardous chemicals or material. 
  • Required to use safety equipment.