Sales Engineer Trainee - Sunrise, FL

Position Summary: Through training within all departments incumbent will develop skills necessary to move into a supervisory or sales position.  Incumbent will be placed in position after proper training has been conducted and the required competencies have been demonstrated. This trainee position is for an unspecified period of time and incumbent must be willing to accept a position at any one of our locations when a position becomes available.   After training in customer service, the incumbent will be prepared to move into a retail management, repair management, operations management, or sales position when one becomes available (or any other similar position in IGS).


Reports to: Director of Sales / VP of IGS


Primary Responsibilities:


  • Follow new hire training schedule without deviation.
  • Majority of training occurs in customer service.
  • There is continuous training schedule, spending a week in each given role, in all key areas of company.
  • Rotates through to obtain a complete picture of day-to-day functions such as warehouse, purchasing, credit, customer service, engineering, repair, retail, pricing, and office related duties.
  • Obtains direct experience in other aspects of operations including assembly, service and repair, and outside sales.
  • Obtains direct experience in office related functions such as order entry, invoicing, collection, inventory management. 
  • Obtains understanding of flow of products and orders through organization.
  • Demonstrates concern for meeting internal and external customers’ needs in a manner that provides satisfaction for the customer.
  • Does more than is required or expected in the job; does things that no one has requested that will improve or enhance products and services, avoid problems, or develop entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Plans ahead for upcoming problems or opportunities and takes appropriate action.
  • Establishes a systematic course of action for self or others to ensure accomplishment of a specific objective.
  • Sets priorities, goals and timetables to achieve maximum productivity.
  • Research, develop, and prepare projects in conjunction with other HSC departments/staff. 
  • Such projects will assist incumbent to acquire necessary skills for management or sales position.     
  • Maintain related processes and all related forms and work instructions required by ISO standards as applicable to this position.
  • Perform additional duties assigned by company management


Position Requirements:      



  • BS in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Industrial Engineering, or Industrial Distribution, preferred.


Minimum Work Experience:

  • Two years clerical work experience


Specific Skills and Training:

  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office, Excel, Power Point
  • Keyboard accuracy and proficiency
  • Working knowledge of office equipment: scanners, facsimiles, copiers and telephone systems
  • Verbal and written proficiency in the English language
  • Ability to accurately input and retrieve information from the company software system and / or company training in system operation


Work Environment:


  • Office setting, sedentary work. 
  • Long periods of sitting, viewing computer screen, and typing on keyboard. 
  • Heavy use of telephone with frequent interruptions.