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Randy Massey celebrates 25 years at HSC!

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Randy Massey celebrates 25 years at HSC!

October 6, 2014

Randy Massey celebrates 25 years at HSC!

Randy Massey started his career at Hsc in 1989 at our WPB facility, hired into Repair initially due to his background and experience. Throughout his tenure at HSC, now 25 years, he's held many positions and seen a lot of change. When he started the six locations Hsc had were all independent branches, each with inside sales, distribution, purchasing. In 1997 our owner, then President Jim Inglis, envisioned a different Hsc, one with a centralized Corporate site housing a massive distribution center along with all inside sales, purchasing, credit and accounting. Randy managed the inside sales team for six years before assuming the role of outside salesman working out of Our Belle Glade Branch. Fast forward another 17 years and we've expanded our warehouse to 60000 sq ft, along with 22 locations. More new changes are also on the horizon due to new markets we are now in including NC, SC, TN, and AL.

Today Randy is in Outside Sales for us in lower TN and Western AL where we are winning new business daily due to his knowledge and passion to serve customers.

HSC has been fortunate to have Randy these last 25 years and hope for another 25.

John Serra
VP Sales & Engineering Mid-Atlantic Region 

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