Vane Pump Build Program Milestone

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Vane Pump Build Program Milestone

June 12, 2014

Vane Pump Build Program Milestone

This week we assembled and delivered our 500th Eaton Vickers vane pump through our build program. We've been assembling units since February of last year and each month the program gains additional customers. We are proud to offer genuine quality Eaton-Vickers pumps assembled, tested, and shipped in 24 Hours!

Need a V10, V20, V10F, V20F, or a 25VQ, 30VQ, 35VQ, or 45VQ? We can assemble these genuine Vickers units and get you back up in running in no time.

For additional details contact us at 800-432-6413 or visit us at

Below is ​, our technician testing pump number 500! 

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