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Part # AI-CG3-3KT-SS
AI-CG3-3KT-SS description:
Accumulators, Inc.: Accumulator Charging and Gauging
Assemblies. Accumulators Inc Charging Assemblies
Manufacturer =Accumulators, Inc. ; Description = Charging &
Gauging Assembly for 3000 PSI Accumulators. Contains all
items pictured. ; Features = ; Maximum Operating Pressure
=3000 PSI ; MaximAccumulators, Inc.um Operating Pressure = ;
Size = ; Port Connection = ; Shell Material = ; Bladder
Material = ; Length = ; Outside Diameter = ; Note =Warning:
Use dry nitrogen gas ONLY. Pre-Charging Instructions: (A)
Remove gas valve guard (protective cap) and valve cap. (B)
Fill accumulator approximately 10% full with system fluid
through fluid port for a cushion. (C) Install recommended
Gas Charging Assembly on the gas valve stem at top of unit.
(D) Pre-Charge very slowly up to 25 PSIG using dry nitrogen
gas only. A gas regulator is recommended. WARNING: Initial
pre-charging at a rate above 25 PSIG can cause bladder to
burst. (E) Continue pre-charging to desired pressure by
increasing nitrogen flow. (F) Remove charging assembly,
replace valve cap and guard. ; Weight (lbs.) = 2.31
Price: Call
Stock status: 4 in stock (EA)
Weight: 2.31 lb / EA 
Leadtime: 15 days
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