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Part # A1QT3100-3
A1QT3100-3 description:
Accumulators, Inc.: 3000 PSI Bottom-Repairable Accumulators.
Accumulators Inc Type S3. Accumulators Inc Type S3
Manufacturer =ACCUMULATORS INC. ; Description =3000 PSI
Bottom-Repairable Accumulators Inc Type S3 ; Features =
Bottom repairable style. Design factors exceed the
requirements of all standard codes. Each vessel individually
tested and registered. Integrated pressure relief design.
Cannot be disassembled under pressure. ; Maximum Operating
Pressure =3000 PSI ; Size =1 Quart ; Port Connection =SAE-12
; Shell Material =Standard ; Bladder Material =Buna-N ;
Length =11.40 ; Outside Diameter =4.50 ; Note =Precharge
with dry nitrogen gas only. Never operate accumulator
without proper precharge. Release all system pressure and
stored pressure before attempting any maintenance or
service. ; Weight (lbs.) =11.29
Price: Call
Stock status: 5 in stock (EA)
Weight: 11.29 lb / EA 
Leadtime: 20 days
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