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Part # B-50-1/2
B-50-1/2 description:
Brand Hydraulics Proportional Flow Divider
Manufacturer =BRAND HYDRAULICS ; Description =Proportional
Flow Dividers Brand B50 Series � To 30 GPM ; Features =
Precision ground heat treated spools for long life. Pressure
compensation for both outlet ports. Every valve is factory
tested for flow ratio and pressure compensation.;
Application =The B-50 is a non-adjustable divider that
receives a single stream and divides into two streams. The
two outlet flows are pressure compensating and the sum of
outlet flows equal the inlet flow. Flow is from inlet to
outlet only. The standard outlet flow ratio is 50:50.
WARNING: Spool may bind if valve is mounted with bolts
through valve against a flat surface (housing can distort).
Mount valve with rigid spacers between valve body and
mounting surface to prevent housing distortion. ; Materials
=Cast iron body. Buna-N O-Rings. Heat treated steel spool. ;
Housing/Ports =1/2 NPT ; Pressure Rating (psi) =3000 ; Flow
rating (gpm) =8-16 GPM ; Outlet Flow Ratio =50:50 ;
Temperature Range (�F) = ; Special Features = ; Notes = ;
Weight (lbs.)=4.89
Price: Call
Stock status: 2 in stock (EA)
Weight: 4.89 lb / EA 
Leadtime: 12 days
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