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Part # UC12
UC12 description:
Manufacturer =ULTRA CLEAN ; Description=System consists of
an air-operated gun-like launcher that cleans hoses, tubes
and pipes in seconds. The launcher fires a soft projectile
that is sized approximately 20% larger than the inside
diameter of the product being cleaned. The projectile strips
out the internal contamination or residue as it travels
through the product, around bends and through couplings.
Interchangeable nozzles handle the wide variety of
projectile sizes. Applications: Hydraulic and pneumatic
lines, fuel lines, food and beverage lines, steam pipes,
heat exchangers and condensers, air conditioning and
refrigeration, and many others. Launcher Unit: Locking
faceplate pivots away from body for easy nozzle size change.
O-Ring seals are used for positive sealing. Air inlet port
with quick disconnect coupling. Trigger mechanism for firing
projectile. Nozzles: A wide range of nozzle sizes are
available in four basic styles. HOSE & PIPE: The nozzle is
inserted into the hose or pipe. JIC: The male flared end of
the JIC nozzle butts against the female flare of the hose or
tube fitting. TUBE: The nozzle is inserted over the tube and
the end of the tube butts up against the inside of the
nozzle. BSP: The female flared end of the BSP nozzle butts
against the male flared end of the hose or tube fitting.
Recommended Operating Pressure: 85 PSI minimum. 150 PSI
maximum. Projectile Sizing: To clean an I.D. of 2 inches or
less, the O.D. of the projectile should be approximately 20%
larger than the I.D. If I.D. is larger than 2 inches,
projectile should be approximately 10% larger than the I.D.
(Individual circumstances may require a smaller or a larger
projectile than what is listed in the tables. If the
projectile is too large it will not leave the nozzle, and if
it is too small it will not clean effectively. If a
projectile gets stuck inside the I.D., shoot an empty
discharge in the opposite end). Note: Contact us for
launcher and nozzle information, and for application
Price: Call
Stock status: 975 in stock (EA)
Weight: 0.01 lb / EA 
Leadtime: 4 days
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