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Part # EPC541
EPC541 description:
Deltrol Fluid Products: Inline Easy Read Pressure
Compensated Flow Control Valves. Deltrol EPC Series - To 34
GPM. Deltrol EPC Series
Manufacturer =Deltrol Fluid Products ; Description =Inline
Easy Read Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valve - Deltrol
EPC Series ; Features = Pressure Compensated. Color coding
and numerical readout allow positive, precise and repeatable
settings. Can be accurately adjusted within a small fraction
of a turn (one full turn per color). Metal knob and stem for
durability.; Application = Controlled flow in one direction,
free flow in opposite direction. Valves will start to
control flow at 60 to 70 PSI pressure drop. Flow regulated
between � 10% above 1.5 GPM, � 15% 0.5 to 1.5 GPM. Flow
adjustment can be made under pressure. Setting can be locked
with set screw. Steel valves for use in hydraulic systems.;
Materials =Body: Steel. Needle: Stainless steel. O-Ring:
Viton�. Washer: Teflon�. Knob: Aluminum. Piston: Steel.
Spring: Music wire. ; Housing/Ports = 1/2-14 NPT; Pressure
Rating (psi) =3000 ; Flow rating (gpm) = 15; Controlled Flow
Range (gpm) =1.5 to 15 ; Cv Rating = ; Features = ;
Temperature Range (�F) = -15 to +200; Special Features = ;
Notes = ; Weight (lbs.)=3
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Stock status: 5 in stock (EA)
Weight: 3.00 lb / EA 
Leadtime: 7 days
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