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Part # N25B
N25B description:
Deltrol Fluid Products: Inline Needle Valves. For Hydraulic
(To 34 GPM) & Pneumatic Service. Deltrol N Series
Manufacturer = DELTROL; Description = DELTROL 3/8 NEEDLE
VALVE; Features = Wide adjustment range due to fine thread.
Tamperproof adjustment key is standard. Knurled knob is
optional. Locknut is standard.; Application = Controlled
flow in both directions. Flow adjustment can be made under
pressure. Setting can be locked with locknut. Brass valves
for use in pneumatic systems and lower pressure hydraulic
systems. Steel valves for use in hydraulic systems. Pressure
ratings in tables are for non-shock service.; Materials =
Body: Brass, Needle: Brass on brass valves, 416 stainless
steel on steel and stainless steel valves. O-Ring Packing:
Viton�. Backup Washer: Teflon�. Optional Knob: Aluminum.
Tamper proof Key: Cadmium plated steel.; Housing/Ports =
3/8-18 NPT; Pressure Rating (psi) = 2000; Flow rating (gpm)
= 13.5; Controlled Flow Range (gpm) = 0 to 13.5; Cv Rating =
0.78; Temperature Range (�F) = -15�F to 400�F.; Notes = A
(in); 1.06; B (in); 1.81; E (in); 2.25;; Weight (lbs.)= 0.59
Price: Call
Stock status: 3 in stock (EA)
Weight: 0.59 ea / EA 
Leadtime: 12 days
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