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Part # 406AA00002A
406AA00002A description:
Eaton: Cartridge Type Counterbalance Valves. Integrated
Hydraulics 1CE20 Series - To 5000 PSI & 5 GPM. Integrated
Hydraulics 1CE20 Series 1CE20F35S4
Manufacturer = Eaton Integrated Hydraulics; Description =
Hydraulic Cartridge Type Counterbalance Valve; Features =
The 1CE20 is a 3 port, externally piloted, screw-in
cartridge-type counterbalance (overcenter) valve, Adjustment
means: screw with lock nut; Application = Overcenter valves
give static and dynamic control of loads by regulating the
flow into and out of hydraulic actuators. When installed
close to or within an actuator, the overcenter valve will
stop runaway in the event of hose burst and if open center
directional control valves are used, will allow thermal
expansion relief of the hydraulic fluid. The overcenter
cartridge is ideal for mounting directly into a cavity
machined in the body of the cylinder, motor or rotary
actuator. The cartridge can also be mounted directly to the
ports via a specifically machined body as part of an
integrated circuit or single unit, or contained within one
of the standard line bodies. Single overcenter valves are
normally used when the load is unidirectional, for example
an aerial platform or crane and dual overcenter valves are
used for controlling loads in both directions for motor
applications or for cylinders going over center; Flow Rating
(gpm) = 5; Body/Ports = Cartridge valve only; Pressure
Rating (psi) = 4000 psi max load induced pressure, 5000 psi
max relief pressure. CAUTION: Pressures over 3000 psi
require a steel housing. -22� to +194�F operating
temperature range. ; Pilot Ratio = 4.5:1 - Best suited for
applications where load varies and machine structure can
induce instability; Adjustment Range (psi) = 2900 - 5075
(Factory setting 3045 PSI); Seal Material = Nitrile;
Recommended Filtration = ISO level 18/13 or better;
Temperature Range (�F) = -22� to +194�F; Special Features =
; Notes = 5 drops per minute max internal leakage. Based on
oil temperature of 104�F and 150 SSU, Installation: 30
ft-lbs torque cartridge into cavity. Unrestricted mounting
position. Housing: Cavity size A22903, sold separately;
Weight (lbs.)= 0.35
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