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Part # 406AA00006A
406AA00006A description:
Eaton: Cartridge Type Counterbalance Valves. Integrated
Hydraulics 1CE30 Series - To 5000 PSI & 8 GPM. Integrated
Hydraulics 1CE30 Series 1CE30F35S10
Manufacturer = EATON VICKERS; Description = Counterbalance
Valves (Overcenter Valves), Cartridge Type, Integrated
Hydraulics 1CE30 Series, 5075 PSI, 8 GPM; Features = The
1CE30 is a 3 port, externally piloted, screw-in
cartridge-type counterbalance (overcenter) valve. Requires a
machined A6610 cavity or housing for installation.;
Application = To control moving loads and prevent load
runaway, giving load holding and hose failure safety.; Pilot
Ratios = 2.5:1 - Best suited for extremely unstable
applications such as long booms or flexible frameworks. 5:1
- (standard) Best suited for applications where load varies
and machine structure can induce instability. 10:1 - Best
suited for applications where the load remains relatively
constant.; Specifications = 8 gpm rated flow. 4000 psi max
load induced pressure, 5000 psi max relief pressure.
CAUTION: Pressures over 3000 psi require a steel housing.;
Operating Temperature Range = -22� to +194�F; Maximum
Internal Leakage = 5 drops per minute (based on oil
temperature of 104�F and 150 SSU).; Recommended Filtration
Level = ISO level 18/13 or better.; Installation = 33 ft-lbs
torque cartridge into cavity. Unrestricted mounting
position.; Housings: Single and Dual valve housings
available.; Flow Rating (gpm) = 8; Pressure Range (psi) =
1740-5075, Factory Setting = 3045 PSI; Pilot Ratio = 10:1;
Adjustment Means = Screw with Locknut; Seal Material =
Nitrile; Notes = Single valve body (aluminum) with SAE-6
ports is 410AA00014A; Weight (lbs.)= 0.40
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