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Part # 406AA00016A
406AA00016A description:
Manufacturer =EATON HYDRAULICS ; Description =Cartridge Type
Counterbalance ValvesIntegrated Hydraulics 1CE90 Series � To
4000 PSI & 23 GPM ; Model Code=1CE90F35S4 ; Features
=Overcenter valves give static and dynamic control of loads
by regulating the flow into and out of hydraulic actuators.
The check section allows free flow into the actuator then
holds and locks the load against movement. The pilot
assisted relief valve section will give controlled movement
when pilot pressure is applied. ; Application =Single
overcenter valves are normally used when the load is
unidirectional, for example an aerial platform or crane and
dual overcenter valves are used for controlling loads in
both directional for motor applications or for cylinders
going over center. ; Flow Rating (gpm) =23 ; Body/Ports
=Housing: Cavity size A12336 ; Pressure Rating (psi) =5000
PSI (CAUTION: Pressures over 3000 PSI require steel housing)
; Pilot Ratio = 4:1 Best suited for applications where load
varies and machine structure can induce instability. 8:1
Best suited for applications where the load remains
relatively constant.; Adjustment Range (psi) =2900-5076 ;
Pre-Set Pressure (psi)=3045; Seal Material =NITREL ;
Recommended Filtration = 18/13; Temperature Range (�F) =-22�
to +194�F ; Special Features = ; Notes = ; Weight
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