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Part # 74315-DAH
74315-DAH description:
Eaton: Eaton Medium Duty Piston Motors. Eaton Medium Duty
Piston Motors
Manufacturer = EATON HYDRAULICS; Description =Eaton Medium
Duty Piston Motors ; Features =Compact � Lightweight Durable
Housing � Numerous Shaft Options � SAE Mounting Flanges �
SAE O-Ring Porting � Dual Rotation � Various Porting Options
� Fixed Displacements ; Pressure Ratings =3000 PSI
Continuous 5000 PSI Max Rated 5400 PSI Max Intermitten ;
Fluid Viscosity =60-180 SSU Optimum, 60 SSU Minimum, 2000
SSU Maximum (cold start). ; Filtration =ISO 4406 Cleanliness
Level 18/13 or cleaner. ; Maximum Operating Temperature
(�F) =Inlet Temperature: 225�F maximum continuous. ;
Recommended Break-In = ; Displacement (cu.in./rev.) =2.01 AT
3600RPM MAX SPEED ; Mounting Flange =SAE B 2-Bolt ; Shaft
=13T SAE B Splined ; Ports =Side Main Ports: SAE-12 Case
Drains: SAE-8 Bottom, SAE-6 Upper Rear ; Special Features
=Plugged Speed Sensor Port, Polyacrylate Shaft Seal ; Notes
=Case Drain: CAUTION - Failure to meet these requirements
may result in damage to the piston motor. � Install piston
motors in such a position that the case drain assures an oil
level at or above unit center line. � Before the pump is
started, fill the case through the uppermost drain port with
hydraulic fluid of the type to be used. � The case of the
motor must remain full at all times. � The case drain line
must be connected directly to the reservoir and terminate
below the oil level. � Oil level must be at or above the
unit center line before starting the piston motor. � Provide
a case drain line of adequate size to limit the case
pressure to specified maximum., Pressure Limits: Main Ports:
Varies with displacement, see table below. Case: 25 PSI
limit for 0.60 thru 2.48 cu.in./rev models, 100 PSI limit
for 5.04 cu.in./rev model. ; Weight (lbs.)=22.0
Price: Call
Stock status: Call
Weight: 22.00 ea / EA 
Leadtime: 60 days
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