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Part # 0003931-090
0003931-090 description:
Eaton: Eaton Heavy Duty Hydrostatic Motors. Models 33
through 76. Eaton Heavy Duty Hydrostatic Motors
Manufacturer =EATON HYDRAULICS ;Model Code= 0003931-090,
HHD393114AA2E3H3H00000A; Recommended Fluid Viscosity =80-180
SSU is optimum. 60 SSU is low intermittent limit. 10,000 SSU
is high intermittent limit (cold start-up). ; System
Temperature (F) =180�F Normal Continuous Limit, 220�F
Maximum Intermittent Limit ; Recommended Filtration =ISO
4406 Cleanliness Level 18/13 or cleaner. ; Displacement
(cu.in./rev.) =3.89 ; Speed Rating (rpm) =4160 ; Mounting
Flange =SAE C 4-Bolt ; Shaft = 14T SAE C Splined ; Rotation
= ; Ports =1 Inch Code 61 ; Control = ; High Pressure
Reliefs (psi) = ; Charge Pump Displacement (cu. in./rev.) =
; Charge Pump Rated Speed (rpm) = ; Charge Pressure Relief
Valve (psi) = ; Other Features = ; Notes =Features: 6000 PSI
Pressure Rating. 10,000 Hour B10 Bearing Design Life.
Advanced cylinder barrel design permits high speed and
pressure. Pistons have long engagement with cylinder bore
resulting in low leakage. High strength cast iron housings
provide greater noise damping and wall strength. Bi-metal
bearing plate has steel for high speed and pressure and
bronze for greater bearing properties. A wide variety of
configurations and options are available (Contact us for
additional information). Peak Pressure: 6000 PSI (Peak
Pressure should not exceed 1% of operating time). CAUTION:
Before the motor is started, fill the case through the
uppermost drain port with hydraulic fluid of the type to be
used. (The typical installation has the excess charge pump
flow from the motor's charge pressure relief valve flushing
the case on the pump. The motor's upper case drain line
connects to the lower case port on the pump. The upper case
port on the pump returns back to tank, often through a heat
exchanger). The case of the pump and motor must remain full
at all times.; Weight (lbs.)=83.0
Price: Call
Stock status: 5 in stock (EA)
Weight: 80.00 lb / EA 
Leadtime: 59 days
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