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Part # 222AS10050A
EATON V6021B2C05
222AS10050A description:
Manufacturer = EATON VICKERS; Description = ELEMENT, HF3P
Series, For Pressure Filters; Model Code = V6021B2C05;
Features of HF3P Filter Series = Beta Ratio: ?x(c) = 1000 to
ISO 16889. Designed to comply with ANSI specifications and
ISO cleanliness standards. Visual, electrical, and
electrical indicators with lamp options for system design
flexibility. Conforms to HF3 automotive specifications.
Fatigue rated to 6000 psi for maximum reliability in the
most rugged applications. Reverse flow valve option for
hydrostatic transmission applications. Multiple filter
element lengths for design flexibility. High efficiency
replacement elements in standard configurations (C-Pak) to
meet TargetCleanliness Levels. High collapse elements
available for non-bypass applications; Fluid cleanliness
rating = Target Fluid Cleanliness Level 18/16/14 or better;
Temperature range = -26�C to +121�C (-15�F to +250�F).;
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi) = 410 bar (6000 psi);
Element Construction= C-Pak (code 03, 05, 10, 20); Element
Collapse Rating = 17 bar (250 psi) Collapse; Element Length
= 101mm / 4 inch; Nominal Flow Rating (gpm) = 106 L/min (28
USgpm); Fluid Compatability = Compatible with most petroleum
oil, water glycol, oil-in-water and water-in-oil fluids.
Optional seals available for phosphate esters.; Weight
(lbs.)= 1.15
Price: Call
Stock status: 1 in stock (EA)
Weight: 1.15 lb / EA 
Leadtime: 32 days
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