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Part # 700-022
Eaton Light Duty Hydrostatic Transmission. Model 7. CW In /
700-022 description:
Eaton: Eaton Light Duty Hydrostatic Transmissions. Models 6
& 7. Eaton Light Duty Hydrostatic Transmissions
Manufacturer = Eaton; Description = Eaton Light Duty
Hydrostatic Transmission, Model 7, CW In / CW Out;
Application = The Eaton Light Duty Hydrostatic Transmission
consists of a variable displacement radial ball piston
hydraulic pump, a fixed displacement radial ball piston
hydraulic motor and a system of valves, all contained in one
housing. It can be used in many different types of
applications where variable output speed is a requirement.;
Features = Self contained with no external high pressure
lines or components. Simplified operation. Fast response
with smooth, stepless output power. Positive braking action.
Note: Model 7 units include some product refinements, and
feature a reduction in noise levels when compared with Model
6 units.; Operation = A single lever connected to the pump
section controls both speed and direction of the
transmission output shaft. Infinite speed control is
achieved by varying the displacement ratios between the pump
and motor.; Displacements = 0.465 in�/rev Variable Pump,
0.767 in�/rev Fixed Motor.; Maximum Speeds = 3600 RPM Input,
2150 RPM Output.; Input Horsepower = 4 HP @ 3600 RPM
(Maximum). A belt drive is preferred, with the sheave
diameter 4 inches or less. Locate the belt drive over the
input shaft bearing to minimize side loading.; Output Torque
= 120 lb.in. Continuous, 180 lb.in. Intermittent, 240 lb.in.
Peak.; Operating Temperature = 180�F (Maximum Continuous). A
cooling fan is recommended.; Recommended Fluid Viscosity =
80-180 SSU is optimum. 60 SSU is low intermittent limit.
10,000 SSU is high intermittent limit (cold start-up).;
Reservoir = Yes; Freewheel Valve = Yes; Input Rotation =
CW.; Output Rotation = CW.; Other Features = Motor rotated
180�; Weight (lbs.)= 22.0
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