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Part # 1512MC3G1BB
1512MC3G1BB description:
Hydreco: Hydreco 1500M Series Gear Motors. Mechanical Face
Seal for Bi-Rotational Capability. Hydreco 1500M Series Gear
Motors 1.467 in/rev 2000 PSI 3600 RPM
Manufacturer =HYDRECO ; Description =Hydreco� 1500M Series
Gear Pump ; Features =Heavy duty iron castings for higher
working pressures. 4-bolt design places all four assembly
bolts within the area of greatest internal pressure, which
maintains perfect alignment and thus eliminates any decrease
in efficiency at high pressures. This greatly reduces
internal distortion and the resulting wear of internal
parts. Deflecting pressure-balanced wear plates maintain
high volumetric efficiencies and minimize mechanical losses.
Pressure-lubricated roller bearing design makes these units
relatively insensitive to contamination and also makes the
units fully repairable ; Mount =4-Bolt Foot Mount ;
Displacement (cu. In./rev.) =1.467 in�/rev ; Maximum
Pressure (psi) =2000 PSI ; Maximum speed (rpm) =2000 RPM ;
Flow rate (gpm) 1800 rpm =11.25 ; Circuit Type = ; Remote
Mount Valve Location = ; Porting =3/4 NPT Rear Ports ;
Rotation =Bi-Rotation ; Relief Setting (psi) = ; Other
Features =5/8 St.Keyed x 2.00 Long ; Notes = ; Weight
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Weight: 24.75 lb / EA 
Leadtime: 7 days
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