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Part # 1300751
JSB GC8000E08E001DAA12A120
1300751 description:
Concentric AB: Remote Control Power Units (DC). Barnes
GC8000 Series (Single Acting Cylinder Applications). Barnes
GC8000 Series (Single Acting Cylinder Applications) 12VDC
Single Terminal Std Duty
Manufacturer =HALDEX BARNES HYDRAULICS ; Description =Remote
Control Power Units (DC) Barnes GC8000 Series (Single Acting
Cylinder Applications) ; Motor Voltage =12VDC Single
Terminal Std Duty ; GPM @ 500 psi =2.25 ; GPM @ 2000 psi =
1.35; R/V = ; Reservoir capacity =3 QUARTS ; Switch = ;
Control Valve = ; Accessories = ; Other Features= .250"
GEAR; Notes= The cartridge type solenoid release valve
provides a remote control means for lift-hold-lower in
single acting cylinder applications. The solenoid cartridge
is suitable for most outdoor applications. Standard features
include a direct-acting adjustable relief valve, load check
valve and straight thread o-ring ports (9/16-18
Outlet/Return Port and Auxiliary Outlet Port. 7/16-20
Auxiliary Return Port). An optional pressure compensated
lowering flow regulator may be installed under the manual
release valve. An optional Remote Control Pendant (p/n to be
determined) is available. Pendant features (add when known)
and proper terminals on end of 10 foot cord to connect to
power unit. This group of power units may be repaired or
customized using GC8000 Kits. ; WEIGHT =26.27
Price: Call
Stock status: 2 in stock (EA)
Weight: 26.27 lb / EA 
Leadtime: 21 days
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