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Part # 14100118
14100118 description:
Oetiker: Oetiker Ear Pinch Clamp Installation Tools. Oetiker
Pinch Installation Tools
Manufacturer = OETIKER; Model Code =14100118 ; Description
=Oetiker Ear Pinch Clamp Installation Tools ; Notes =1-Ear
Clamp Installation: 1-Ear clamps are best installed when the
clamp shows a gap of approximately 1/16 inch. This builds a
resilient strength into the clamp in a spring-like action to
hold against pressure, vibration and hose shrinkage due to
temperature changes or aging. (If a clamp ear can be closed
all the way, the clamp size selected is probably too big and
the next smaller clamp should be used). 2-Ear Clamp
Installation: While both ears must be closed, 2-Ear clamps
are best installed when one ear is closed all the way first.
The second ear is then closed so that the first ear opens
slightly (gap to be approximately 1/16 inch). This builds a
temperature changes or aging. (If both ears can be closed
the next smaller clamp should be used). ; Weight (lbs.)0.72
Price: Call
Stock status: expected on 02/11/18
Weight: 0.72 lb / EA 
Leadtime: 23 days
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