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Part # VP42-4COFLFC55
VP42-4COFLFC55 description:
Permco: Permco Versa-Pak Refuse Pump System Versa-Pak Pump,
Flow Control Valve set at 55 GPM. 42 GPM @ 1200 RPM, 9.099
cu.in. per rev displacement, 4-Bolt SAE-C Mounting Flange,
1-1/4" Keyed Shaft, CCW Rot
Manufacturer =Permco ; Description = PERMCO VERSA-PAK
REFUSE PUMP; Features = Dry Valve System: The Versa-Pak
Valve in a Dry Valve System functions as a pressure
compensated flow control. This limits flow to the hydraulic
system allowing a preset amount to the system with the
excess flow being returned to the tank at low pressure. This
reduces repairs and downtime associated with overspeeding
and overpressurizing the hydraulic system. The Dry Valve
eliminates heat build-up in the hydraulic system associated
with large flows when the system is not in use (Operator
controls with switch or air valve). Unloader System: The
Versa-Pak Valve in an Unloader System functions as a
pressure compensated flow control and an unloader. The
unloader diverts 100% of the flow back to tank at extremely
low pressure when the hydraulic system is not required
(Operator controls with switch). Versa-Pak Pump Features:
25% longer idler gear bearings to reduce shaft deflection
and extend life. Sealed outboard bearing with protective
shield to keep out contamination. Dowel pin construction.
Solid one-piece gear and shaft set. Bleed valve built into
rear cover (Dry Valve models). Versa-Pak Valve Features:
Tamper-resistant flow regulation. Dry Valves: Easily
operated by a dash mounted electric over air switch or
manual air valve. Includes breather vent, tubing and
fittings. ; Mount = 4 Bolt SAE -C mounting Flange ; Shaft =
1-1/4 Keyed shaft; Displacement (cu. In./rev.) = 9,099; Flow
rate (gpm) = 42; Rotation = CCW; Notes = ; Weight
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Weight: 50.00 ea / EA 
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