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Part # 1210026063
1210026063 description:
Manufacturer = Stauff; Description = Test Coupling with Ball
Check, Test Coupling (M16 x 2) / Port Connection (9/16�18
UNF), Steel, SMK20-Series; Application = Fast Coupling for
Monitoring and control of pressure,� Venting,� Sampling in
high- and low-pressure systems.; Advantages = Test system at
working pressure. Leak proof connection before ball check is
open. Simple connection to measurement, control and
switching devices. Self locking metal protective cap.;
Maximum working pressure = 630 bar / 9137 PSI. For SMK Type
G and K the recommended working pressure of fitting
manufacturer should be noted. Connection under pressure up
to 400 bar / 5801 PSI max.; Materials = Metal Parts: Steel,
zinc/nickel-plated = C6F (CrVI-free).� Ball: Stainless
Steel. Sealings: Standard option for North America is FPM
(Viton�).; Temperature range = -20 �C ... +200 �C / -4 �F
... +392 �F.; Media = Suitable for hydraulic oils and other
Mineral oil based fluids (Check compatibility of sealing
material). For use with other liquid media please consult
STAUFF.; Thread port connection = 9/16�18 UNF, O-ring, Type
E.; Test point connection = M16 x 2; Weight (lbs.)= 0.17
Price: Call
Stock status: 56 in stock (EA)
Weight: 0.17 lb / EA 
Leadtime: 36 days
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