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Part # P23
P23 description:
Delta Power Co.: 2-Section Geared Flow Dividers. Delta Power
Manufacturer =DELTA ; Description =2-Section Geared Flow
Divider ; Features =Features: High strength permanent mold
cast iron housing. Precision needle bearings. Hardened
shafts joined by internally hardened round keys and keyways
to eliminate stress concentrations and wear. Precise
machined trapping relief grooves provide constant filling
and discharging to assure quiet operation and maximum
bearing life. O-Ring seals between sections. Precision dowel
pin alignment between sections. ; Application =Application:
Equal flow two-section units divide flow from a common pump
source into two separate flows of equal proportion. Can be
used to synchronize the operation of two cylinders. For
greatest efficiency and accuracy, flow dividers should be
used at near maximum rated inlet flow. Provide over-pressure
protection (relief valves) in each circuit. Do not use
Teflon� tape. ; Materials = ; Housing/Ports = ; Pressure
Rating (psi) =1500 ; Flow rating (gpm) =21.0 ; Outlet Flow
Ratio =50:50 ; Temperature Range (�F) = ; Special Features =
; Notes =500 RPM Minimum. 3500 RPM Maximum, Max. Diff.
Pressure Between Sections (psi) 1000 ; Weight (lbs.)=15.80
Price: Call
Stock status: Call
Weight: 15.80 lb / EA 
Leadtime: 18 days
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