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Part # RTF48S25D10BS1N
RTF48S25D10BS1N description:
Stauff: In-Tank Return Filters. Stauff RTF40 Series - To
100 GPM. Stauff RTF40 Series
Manufacturer = Stauff; Description = In-Tank Return Filters
tauff RTF40 Series � To 100 GPM; Model Code =
RTF48S25D10BS1N; Features = Conforms to HF-4 specifications.
In-tank configuration minimizes pace requirements and
potential system leakage points. Dual inlet ports;
Application = For use in return lines of mobile and
industrial hydraulic ystems where space saving in-tank style
design is desired; Housing = Die cast aluminum head and
cover. Glass fiber reinforced polyamide bowl (bowl length
1), steel bowl (bowl length 2).; Element = Inorganic glass
fiber elements available in 03-05-10-25 micron. Paper
elements available in 03-05-10-20-25 micron. Note: By-pass
valve in RTF47 odels is integrated in the element. RTF48 and
RTF49 by-pass is in filter head.; Assembly = Complete
assembly consists of one Filter Head, one Bowl, one or two
Elements (depending on bowl selected), and optional Gauge.
Element Connector is equired when using double length bowl.;
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi) = 100 PSI; Port Size =
SAE-20 t.Thread -Ring Element = 10 Micron aper; Element
Collapse Rating = ; Element Length (in.) = ; Operating
Temperature Range (�F) = -13� F to 212�F.; Nominal Flow
Rating (gpm) = 100 GPM; Port Size = ; Element Material = 10
Micron aper; Element Length (in.) = ; By-Pass Spring = ;
Indicator = ; Other Features = ; Weight (lbs.)= 9.51
Price: Call
Stock status: expected on 10/31/17
Weight: 9.51 lb / EA 
Leadtime: 17 days
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