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Part # TMF-25-5
STAUFF Tank-Mounted Suction Strainer. Stauff Series TMF. 2 Inch. 50 GPM SUCTION STRAINER. Standard 100 SS Mesh
TMF-25-5 description:
Stauff: Tank Mounted Suction Strainers - To 4 Inch NPT & 100
GPM. Stauff Series TMF. Stauff Series TMF
Manufacturer = STAUFF; Description = Tank-Mounted Suction
Strainer, Stauff Series TMF, 2 Inch, 50 GPM SUCTION
STRAINER, Standard 100 SS Mesh; Features = Can be serviced
from outside the reservoir. Iron head. Cleanable. Standard
100 mesh (150 micron) pleated screen epoxy-bonded to head.;
Application = Used submerged in reservoir to protect
hydraulic pumps from larger solid contaminants. Strainers
are usually mounted horizontally with the top of the
strainer at least 3 inches below the lowest oil level (to
prevent cavitation). (For larger sizes use 1-1/2 pipe
diameters instead of 3 inches).; Characteristics = Designed
as in-tank suction strainer elements for direct installation
into suction lines of pumps. Should always be installed
below the minimum fluid level of the reservoir.; Other
Features = Equipped with female and male NPT thread (ANSI
B1.20.1).; Operating temperature = up to +120 �C / +250 �F.;
Note = Consult STAUFF for custom adaptors.; Media
Compatibility = Suitable for use with Mineral and Petroleum
based hydraulic fluids (HL and HLP).; Materials = Threaded
end cap made of Cast Iron. Standard filter material is
Stainless Steel Mesh (125 ?m), alternative micron ratings on
request.; Options = Integrated bypass valve with an opening
pressure of 0,35 bar (5 PSI) to reduce the risks of
high-pressure drops that can be caused by contaminated
strainer elements or high-viscosity fluids.; Size = 2 M-NPT
x 1-1/4 F-NPT; Flow Capacity (gpm) = 25; Mesh Size = 100;
Screen Area (sq. in.) = 159; Screen Diameter (in.) = 2.12;
Screen Length (in.) = 7.69; Weight (lbs.)= 1.27
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Stock status: 3 in stock (EA)
Weight: 1.27 lb / EA 
Leadtime: 11 days
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