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Part # EK-712-T
EK-712-T description:
Thermal Transfer Water-Cooled Heat Exchanger
Manufacturer =THERMAL TRANSFER ; Description =WATER-COOLED
HEAT EXCHANGER ; Features =High efficiency finned bundle
design. Compact size. Low cost. Optional built-in
SURGE-CUSHION relief by-pass valve. Heat removal to 400 HP.
Oil flow rates up to 80 GPM. Large oil connections for
minimum entering and exiting flow restriction. Removable
end caps for easy tube cleaning. Mounting brackets can be
positioned in 90� increments ; Material =Copper or
Copper-Nickel tubes. Aluminum fins. Grey iron end caps.
Steel shell, tubesheets, baffles, mounting brackets.
Nitrile Rubber/Cellulose Fiber gaskets. Aluminum foil
nameplate ; Maximum Operating Temperature =250 F ; GPM =20 ;
Ports =1-1/2 NPT OIL/ 3/4 WATER ; MaxOpPressure =500 PSI
Maximum Shell Side Pressure (Hydraulic). 150 PSI Maximum
Tube Side Pressure (Water ; MinBurstPressure = ;
MinBendRadius = ; MaxOpTemp = ; Construction = ;
ApplicationInfo = ; Weight=20
Price: Call
Stock status: expected on 11/24/17
Weight: 20.00 lb / EA 
Leadtime: 15 days
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