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Part # DHR-249-1-1-30
DHR-249-1-1-30 description:
Thermal Transfer Products: Air Cooled Units for Mobile
Service. Thermal Transfer DH & DHR Series. Thermal Transfer
DH & DHR Series
Manufacturer =THERMAL TRANSFER PRODUCTS ; Description =Air
Cooled Units for Mobile Service Thermal Transfer DH & DHR
Series ; Features = High performance oil turbulators.
Lightweight. Low cost. Optional internal by-pass valves
eliminate piping and reduce costs. Heat removal to 175,000
BTU/Hr. Oil flows up to 150 GPM. NPT ports are standard (SAE
Straight Thread ports are optional).; Material =Copper
tubes. Aluminum or steel fins. Aluminum turbulators. Copper
manifolds and brass connections (models DH-051 - DH-447),
Steel manifolds and steel connections (models DH-513 -
DH670). ; Maximum Operating Temperature =350�F. ; GPM = Oil
flows up to 150 GPM.; Ports =3/4 NPT ; MaxOpPressure = 300
PSI Operating. 300 PSI Test.; MinBurstPressure = ;
MinBendRadius = ; MaxOpTemp =350�F. ; Construction = ;
ApplicationInfo = ; Weight=12.0
Price: Call
Stock status: 2 in stock (EA)
Weight: 10.00 lb / EA 
Leadtime: 16 days
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