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Part # 614374
614374 description:
Eaton Vickers: Subplate/Manifold Mount Check Valves.
Vickers C5G & C5GV Series - To 5000 PSI - To 100 GPM.
Vickers C5G & C5GV Series C5GV-825UG
Manufacturer = Eaton Vickers; Description = Subplate mounted
hydraulic check valve; Model Number = C5GV-825UG; Materials
= Buna-N seals; Pressure Rating (psi) = 5000; Flow rating
(gpm) = 100; Features = Direct operated, gasket mounted, can
be used for a variety of flow conditions including high
velocity flows resulting in shock conditions; Ports = ;
Cavity = ; Cv Rating = ; Cracking Pressure (psi) = 5;
Temperature Range (�F) = Petroleum oil: -4�F to 176�F, water
containing: 50�F to 130�F; Special Features = Can be used
with hydraulic oils, water-in-oil emulsions and water
glycols. Dual Metric/Inch Hold Down Bolt Facility; Notes =
ISO 4406 Cleanliness Level 20/18/15 or cleaner.; Weight
(lbs.)= 10.6
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