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Part # 02-170743
VICKERS PRV2-10-S-0-35/25
02-170743 description:
Eaton Vickers: Pilot-Operated Pressure Reducing (Relieving)
Valves. Vickers PRV2-10 Series - To 10 GPM & 3500 PSI.
Vickers PRV2-10 Series PRV2-10-S-0-35/25
Manufacturer = Eaton Vickers; Description = Pressure relief
valve allows flow from port 2 to port 1. Port 3 is a drain
and must be vented back to reservoir. Once the pressure
setting is reached at port 1, the spool shifts to restrict
the inlet flow at port 2. This regulates the pressure at
port 1. If pressure at port 1 exceeds the predetermined
setting of the valve, the spool will shift further and
relieve excess pressure through port 3.; Features = The
PRV1-10 is a direct acting, spool type screw-in cartridge
pressure reducing/relieving valve, and requires a machined
cavity or housing for installation.; Flow Rating (gpm) = 10;
Pressure Rating (psi) = 3500; Pressure Adjustment Range
(psi) = 250-3500; Factory Setting (psi) = 2500;
Housing/Ports = ; Adjustment Means = ; Materials =
ALUMINIUM; Temperature Range (�F) = -40 TO 248; Special
Features = ; Notes =Housing Types: Aluminum STD (Standard
light-duty aluminum 3000 psi maximum). Aluminum FR
(Fatigue-rated aluminum 3000 psi maximum). Steel
(Fatigue-rated Steel 5000 psi maximum). ; Weight (lbs.)=0.21
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