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Part # 02-112763
02-112763 description:
Eaton Vickers: Inline Single Pilot Operated Check Valves.
Vickers SPC1-16 Series - To 3000 PSI & 40 GPM. Vickers
SPC1-16 Series SPC1-16-P-12T
Manufacturer = EATON VICKERS; Description = Inline Single
Pilot Operated Check Valve, Vickers� SPC1-16 Series, To 3000
PSI & 40 GPM; Model Number = SPC1-16-P-12T; Application =
Pilot Operated Check Valves (Lock Valves) are designed to
lock a cylinder, without leakage, while a control valve is
in a neutral position. Lock Valves function as Check Valves,
allowing flow to a cylinder and blocking reverse flow until
pilot pressure is applied to unlock the circuit. These
valves may be used to prevent movement of a load while the
pressure source is inactive. A 4-way control valve is
required for all lock valve circuits, including single
acting cylinders, in order to apply unlocking pressure to
the pilot circuit. A control valve with a free-flow (motor)
spool should be used on any circuit which includes a lock
valve to prevent pressure build-up between the lock valve
and the control valve.; Ratio of Pilot Piston Area to Check
Valve Seat Area = 4:1.; Rated Flow = 40 GPM.; Maximum
Operating Pressure = 3000 PSI.; Temperature Range = -40�F to
248�F (Extreme Limits).; Recommended Filtration Level = ISO
4406 Cleanliness Level 18/16/13 or cleaner.; Cracking
Pressure = 20 PSI.; Valve & Cylinder Port Size = SAE-12.;
Pilot Port Size = SAE-6.; Pilot Piston Seal = No.; Seals =
Buna-N.; Weight (lbs.)= 4.21
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