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Part # 222AS10051A
222AS10051A description:
Manufacturer =EATON VICKERS; Description = VICKERS
V6021B2C03; Model Code = V6021B2C03; Features = utilizes
Microglass fibers to create a dense and uniform filter
element. The density of the inorganic fibers found in
Microglass increases the particulate capture and retention
rate by up to 400 times when compared to Cellulose elements.
In addition to the increased efficiency, the element itself
does not suffer from degradation the way paper elements do,
this prevents the element from returning and contributing to
the contamination of your hydraulic fluid.; Element Length
(in.) = 8.1; Operating Temperature Range (�F) = -45�f to
225�f; Element Material = Microglass; ; Other Features = ;
Weight (lbs.)= 1.65
Price: Call
Stock status: expected on 11/22/17
Weight: 1.65 lb / EA 
Leadtime: 40 days
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