Flexible Metal Hose

Flexible Metal Hoses 

Flexible metal hoses are the ideal choice for tough application that are influenced by various conditions such as heat, pressure, vibration, movement or corrosion. 

Hydraulic Supply Company flexible metal hoses are manufactured to the highest standards to provide a highly durable product and great performance at work. Our rigorous fabrication procedures assure the integrity and serviceability of metal hose assemblies. Flexible metal hoses offer a reliability like no other hose products since any fitting can be attached to the metal hose based on your application needs. We can fabricate flexible metal hoses to meet our customer’s specifications. 
Our Brands 
Penflex: Stainless steel braided hoses with endless choices of fittings. All fabricated at our facility.
Hose Masters: Bellows, extra heavy exhaust hose (built to our own specifications) in stock through 24″. Brass, Inconel, Monel, and other exotic metals available.
Viperflex®: An Exclusive. Multi-ply expansion joints desired by manufacturers. Enjoys the reputation in the marine and offshore industry as the “workhorse of exhaust connectors”. A.B.S. (American Bureau of Ships) approved.
Our selection of flexible metal hoses products available includes: 
Manifold Expansion Joints
Exhaust Expansion Joints 
Food Hose 
Chemical Hose 
Braided Hose 
Corrugated Hose 
Along with the common ends such as JIC, ORS, and NPT, other metal hoses ends available include:  flange ends both standard and custom, groove ends, male or female and stainless or brass.

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