Eaton, Permco & David Brown gear hydraulic pumps

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Eaton Series 26

Eaton Series 26 gear pumps
Features: 13-tooth gears minimize the flow ripple for reduced noise and vibration. Bearing lubrication system uses inlet oil instead of high pressure oil, improving volumetric efficiency. Innovative wear plate permits simple rotation change.

Permco gear pumps for PTO applications

Permco Box gear pumps
Features: Sized to interchange with Muncie PTO pumps. Special iron alloy used for shaft covers, gear housings, bearing carriers and port end cover castings. Gears are cut to extremely close tolerances, and are shaped (rather than hobbing and shaving) for maximum volumetric efficiency. These gear pumps are stocked with Permco's "Continental Shaft" (Shaft can be changed without pump disassembly by removing shaft retaining snap ring and pulling shaft and bearing out). This allows for an easy shaft change to satisfy various applications.

David Brown 1500K Series

David Brown 1500K Series gear pumps
Features: Heavy duty iron castings for higher working pressures. 4-bolt design places all four assembly bolts within the area of greatest internal pressure, which maintains perfect alignment and thus eliminates any decrease in efficiency at high pressures. This greatly reduces internal distortion and the resulting wear of internal parts. Deflecting pressure-balanced wear plates maintain high volumetric efficiencies and minimize mechanical losses. Pressure-lubricated roller bearing design makes these units relatively insensitive to contamination and also makes the units fully repairable.

David Brown 1500M Series

David Brown 1500M Series gear pumps
Features: Similar to 1500K Series above.
This series of gear pumps has a mechanical face seal which allows for high inlet pressures with no case drain.

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