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Steam and LPG Hoses

Industrial Steam and LPG Hoses

Our selection includes industrial steam and LPG hoses designed and built to assure maximum life and the best performance while on the job.  Hydraulic Supply Company has steam hose and LPG hose and couplings in stock.  Assemblies can be quickly made to meet your individual coupling configurations.

Our selection of products available includes:

  • Steam Hose – EPDM 250 PSI
  • UL LPG Hose 350 PSI
  • Couplings And Adaptors

Ordering products at Hydraulic Supply Company is very simple. You can choose the most convenient way to process your order via phone, fax, e-mail, shopping on-line or via EDI. Contact us today for additional information at (800) 507-9651. 

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