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Swivel Joints

Swivel Joints

Hydraulic swivel joints are highly efficient components that allow fluid-conducting and help to extend hose life while making the systems simpler, more versatile, and easier to maintain. There are several benefits of using hydraulic swivel joints in your hydraulic systems: they can help improve the design and system efficiency, less hose is needed when swivel joints are used; they can eliminate the need for adapters, as they can be directly connected to the hose and they can reduce the use of tubing; they also prevent hose twisting and kinking; and they can absorb better system shock helping you overall to have less downtime and to reduce your operating costs.

When choosing a hydraulic swivel joint, it is important to look at certain criteria and safety factors, such as pressure, temperature, fluid compatibility, cost, pressure drop, torque, configurations, port size, corrosion resistance and rotation. 

At Hydraulic Supply Company, we carry a large inventory of hydraulic swivel joints to suit every application, from only the best brands in the industry to offer you the reliability you need. Our team of experts can assist you to make the best product selection.

Our selection of products includes:

  • Standard Duty Balanced Pressure

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