1CEV30 Series Counterbalance Cartridge Valves, Up To 4000 PSI & 8 GPM

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HousingC-10-3S cavity, sold separately.
ApplicationThe pressure balanced valve is unaffected by back pressure, allowing service line reliefs to operate and for the valve to be used in regenerative or proportional valve systems.
FeaturesThe 1CEV30 is a 3 port, externally piloted, pressure balanced screw-in cartridge-type counterbalance (overcenter) valve. Requires a machined C-10-3S cavity or housing for installation.
Specifications8 gpm rated flow. 3000 psi max load induced pressure, 4000 psi max relief pressure. CAUTION: Pressures over 3000 psi require a steel housing. -22° to +194°F operating temperature range. 5 drops per minute max internal leakage. Based on oil temperature of 104°F and 150 SSU.
Pilot Ratios5:1 - (standard) Best suited for applications where load varies and machine structure can induce instability. 7:1 - Best suited for applications where the load remains relatively constant.
CartridgeModel 1CEV30-*, sold separately.
Installation33 ft-lbs torque cartridge into cavity. Unrestricted mounting position.