All Stainless Steel Constant Torque Clamps

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FeaturesCompensates for "cold flow" and expansion/contraction due to extremes of heat and cold. 5/8 inch wide 304 stainless steel band. 304 stainless steel housing. 410 stainless steel Belleville spring washers and screw. Internal liner helps protect soft or silicone hose from damage, extrusion and shear. Extended adjustment range (7/8 inch O.D.). Use for sealed systems and hard-to-reach installations. Visual "Torque Check" feature.
InstallationA Constant-Torque® clamp is properly tightened when the screw tip is fully extended beyond the housing (approximately 1/4 inch), and the Belleville washer stacks are nearly collapsed flat. The use of a torque wrench is recommended to reach the 90-125 inch pound installation torque.