1500M Series Gear Motors, Up to 2000 PSI, Up to 3600 RPM

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ApplicationOutboard bearing in some models (see tables) allows limited side loading of the input shaft. All models have mechanical face seal which allows for high back pressures with no case drain.
FeaturesHeavy duty iron castings for higher working pressures. 4-bolt design places all four assembly bolts within the area of greatest internal pressure, which maintains perfect alignment and thus eliminates any decrease in efficiency at high pressures. This greatly reduces internal distortion and the resulting wear of internal parts. Deflecting pressure-balanced wear plates maintain high volumetric efficiencies and minimize mechanical losses. Pressure-lubricated roller bearing design makes these units relatively insensitive to contamination and also makes the units fully repairable.
Rated SpeedVaries with displacement (See table below).
Pressure Limit2000 PSI.
NoteRatings based on using anti wear hydraulic fluid. For information on use with other fluids, contact us for assistance.
Maximum System Temperature180°F.