PG331 Series Cast Iron Gear Pumps, Up To 38 GPM @ 1800 RPM, Up to 4000 PSI, Up to 2700 RPM

Starting at:
Temperature RatingWith Buna-N seals (standard): -4°F to 185°F. With FPM seals (Viton): -4°F to 230°F.
Speed RatingsContinuous speed at working pressure varies with displacement (See table below).
Pressure LimitInlet pressure: 7.38 in. Hg to 21.7 PSI. Pump Outlet: Continuous working pressure varies with displacement (See table below). Peak pressure pressures up to 4350 PSI.
FeaturesAll pumps are available as multiple units either of the same or different series. With all sizes, there are options of shafts, flanges and ports as for European, German and American standards. Salami gear pumps offer high volumetric efficiency by innovative design and accurate control of machining tolerances. Axial compensation achieved by the use of floating bushings that allow high volumetric efficiency throughout the working pressure range. DU bearings ensure high pressure capability.
ApplicationPumps are stocked with Clockwise rotation. Rotation can be changed by reversing the position of the drive shaft and driven shaft, and rotating the front flange.