Vickers Incorporated (now a part of Eaton Hydraulics)

Vickers Incorporated (now a part of Eaton Hydraulics) is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of a comprehensive line of reliable, high-efficiency hydraulic systems and components. Major markets include agriculture, construction, industrial, mining, fishing, marine and lawn & garden.

Backed by the most extensive distributor network in the fluid power industry, Vickers Incorporated (now a part of Eaton Hydraulics) designs, manufactures and globally markets a complete line of reliable, high-efficiency hydraulic components.

To serve its global customers Eaton Hydraulics has thirteen manufacturing plants in the United States, six in Europe; plants in India, Japan and China; sales offices in, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Australia , as well as the most extensive distributor network in the fluid power industry. Headquarters are located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Eaton Corporation
Eaton Corporation is a global $8 billion diversified industrial manufacturer that is a leader in fluid power systems; electrical power quality, distribution and control; automotive engine air management and fuel economy; and intelligent truck systems for fuel economy and safety. Eaton's 59,000 employees work in 24 countries on six continents.


Vickers Incorporated vane pumps
Vickers Incorporated
Vane Pumps

Vickers Incorporated piston pumps
Vickers Incorporated
Piston Pumps

Vickers Incorporated solenoid valves
Vickers Incorporated
Solenoid Valves

Vickers Incorporated relief valves
Vickers Incorporated
Relief Valves

Vickers Incorporated screw-in cartridge valves
Vickers Incorporated
Cartridge Valves

Vickers Incorporated stack valves
Vickers Incorporated
Stack Valves

Vickers Incorporated filters
Vickers Incorporated

Vickers Incorporated power units
Vickers Incorporated
Power Units

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