DM400 Series Dump Pumps For Light & Medium Duty Dump Trucks, Up To 2500 PSI, Up To 2400 RPM

Starting at:
Pressure Rating2500 PSI.
Rated Speed2400 RPM.
FeaturesRugged cast iron, roller bearing pump construction. High strength alloy steel gear and shaft set. Pressure balanced wear plates maintain high pump efficiency throughout all operating ranges. 100% factory tested. 1-1/4 NPT inlet port, 3/4 NPT pressure port, 3/4 NPT return port (for 3rd line). Built in direct acting relief valve set at factory provides protection to both the pump and to the cylinder. Manual Shift standard. Built-in load check. Neutral Lockout device preventing accidental lowering of the dump body.
Maximum System TemperatureUnder normal conditions of continuous operation, not to exceed 150°F. Never to exceed 185°F.
NoteRatings based on using anti wear hydraulic fluid. For information on use with other fluids, contact us for assistance.
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