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Control Cable

Control Cables

At Hydraulic Supply Company, we offer a wide range of cable products for mechanical control used in a wide range of applications, such as OEM, on-highway, aerospace, military and marine.

We understand that finding the right components for an application can be overwhelming. At Hydraulic Supply Company, we carry a large selection of control cables that includes:

  • Push Pull Cables
  • Universal Cables – Light Duty
  • Universal Cables – Heavy Duty
  • Quick Disconnect Cables
  • Power Take Off ( PTO) Cables
  • Remote Valve Operation (RVO) Cables
  • Cable Hardware and Knobs
  • Cable Remote Controls

Cable assembly services are available at some of our retail stores.

Ordering products at Hydraulic Supply Company is very simple. You can choose the most convenient way to process your order via phone, fax, e-mail, shopping on-line or via EDI. Contact us today for additional information at (800) 507-9651. 

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