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Eaton P1 Integrator Program

Eaton’s P1 Integrator Program

Hydraulic Supply Company is one of a few  selected distributors that are part of Eaton’s exclusive P1 Integrator Program.
What is the P1 Integrator Program? 
The P1 Integrator Program from Eaton is a network of highly-trained and certified electro-hydraulic system integrator experts who can assist you in the design of your power management systems. Their vast experience in both hydraulic and electrical systems allows them to work with the industry’s most sophisticated and demanding manufacturers and OEMs.
For additional information about the P1 Integrator Program and how we can help you with your challenging power management needs, please contact HSC Engineering Center at Ph.: 561-863-6258 ext.4507
The P1 Program is the right solution for your company's electro-hydraulic needs  
P1 Integrator Program is a Comprehensive Industrial and Mobile Electro-Hydraulic Power Management Solution 
For decades, equipment manufacturers have needed integrated solutions for power management because the                                                         
combination of hydraulic and electrical components is essential to efficiency and reliability. In addition to monitoring every detail of each component, integrated equipment must be managed by an integrative system to provide maximum productivity and minimize errors.
Eaton’s P1 Integrator Program provides the most advanced design and application services available for industrial and mobile systems.
As part of a mutual commitment to excellence in service, Eaton and Hydraulic Supply Company provide customers with the industry’s broadest electric and hydraulic portfolio, offering customized solutions and products from highly-trained, certified electro-hydraulic system integrators. HSC’s Engineering Center offers a team of expert system design engineers that specialize in hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric power solutions. They can assist you in everything from component selection to full system design.
The P1 Integrator Program Benefits:
1.    Expert Support Right When You Need it 
Our customers work with our knowledgeable team at the HSC Engineering Center who have vast experience and training in applying the P1 Integrator Program. An expert engineer will identify key solution design elements to establish and execute your project goals, working within project restraints to design a unique electro-hydraulic solution that keeps cost of ownership low and productivity high.
2.    Single Source Solutions- Reduce Cost and Time 
The P1 Integrator Program gives customers the benefit of a streamlined supply chain, providing them specific components with accuracy and timeliness. HSC has the dual ability to provide both the P1 Integrator Program along with the local resources through our distribution center and multiple retail facilities to satisfy specific product demands with speed and specificity while keeping your cost under control.
3.    Innovative Eaton Methodology & Technology 
Eaton's innovation methodology leverages human-centered design principles (Looking, Understanding, and Making) to quickly bring your key stakeholders and cross-functional project teams into alignment. This program is critical to establishing “design intent” and aligns expectations, identifies key business priorities, constraints and performance requirements. The result is an electro-hydraulic solution that is custom designed to address our customers' customers business and performance strategies.
Eaton has the broadest combined set of electrical and hydraulic products available anywhere with proven product quality and reliable performance around the globe. 
Through this program you have access not only to our expert team but to Eaton’s design engineering team and global support network. 
4.    Quick and Prompt  Design, Prototyping and Testing 
HSC Engineering Center utilizes powerful software with collaborative tools to provide precise, individualized solutions to every customer. This advanced software eliminates the possibility of expensive redesign through a series of iterations and rapid prototyping. System commissioning, troubleshooting, and testing services are provided to customers and are done either in our facility or on-site.
5.    Sustained Service & Support 
Hydraulic Supply Company carries a large selection of Eaton’s products to help you maximize efficiency and a quick turnaround to help you reduce downtime and keep your operations running smoothly. Our distributor network includes a distribution center, multiple retail store locations in the US, and affiliates in the Latin America market. By working with HSC to find solutions with the P1 Integrator Program, our customers are always provided with quality products, expert advice, and multiple value-added services.
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