Stepless Ear Pinch Clamps

NoteTo insure a proper grip, Oetiker clamps should be installed with either Oetiker Pincers or a similar style of pincer approved by Oetiker, Inc.
ApplicationFor low durometer and/or thin-walled hose and tubing. Well suited for silicon, vinyl and polyurethane lines. The smooth inner band prevents damage to the hose while the unique tongue-in-groove design provides a complete 360° seal.
Installation1-Ear clamps are best installed when the clamp shows a gap of approximately 1/16 inch. This builds a resilient strength into the clamp in a spring-like action to hold against pressure, vibration and hose shrinkage due to temperature changes or aging. (If a clamp ear can be closed all the way, the clamp size selected is probably too big and the next smaller clamp should be used).
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